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This page is a collection of content related to meditation practice, environmental & social justice, and science that we recommend for consumption. These are thinkers and practitioners who we believe to be on the frontier, bringing together liberatory ideas and understandings which could catalyze the kind of transition that needs to happen in our world.

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Table of Contents:

  1. How does practice change the world?

  2. The Environment

  3. Psychology and Theory of Meditation

  4. Patriarchy, Gender, and Sexuality

  5. Emotions, Embodiment, and Trauma

How does practice change the world?

1. “It Is No Measure of Health to be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society” by Charles Eisenstein

2. “Live What is Trueby Soryu Forall

“How can we overcome our tendency to lie to ourselves? How do we search for and live what is true, and be of genuine integrity? It's very difficult to start this process of examining, improving and purifying this mutually dependent set of elements, But it is not impossible. Soryu Forall gave this talk at the Monastic Academy on 06.28.2018 to residents, interns and guests.”

3. “The Central Questionby Soryu Forall

“In this evening’s talk, Soryu tackles the central question: What’s the relationship between sitting still and changing the world for the better?  His eloquent answer connects the following elements: Positive Behavior Change and Concentration (leads to) Unconditional Happiness (leads to) The Confidence and Energy necessary for Love and Service.”

4. “Radical Dharma” – Interview with Angel Kyodo Williams

“In this in-depth interview, Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams reflects on our widespread crisis of story, the failure of institutional religions to offer a new way forward, and her philosophy of Radical Dharma—a path to individual and collective liberation. A Sensei in the Japanese Zen tradition, angel is author of “Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace” and coauthor of “Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation.”

5. “Walking, Nature, and Engaged Buddhismby Christopher Titmuss

In this episode, host Michael W. Taft speaks with senior dharma teacher Christopher Titmuss about yatra—meditative pilgrimage without a destination—the power of nature, the importance of deconstructing the self, the psychedelic 60s, Vietnam, engaged Buddhism, the role of spiritual practice in the current world crisis, and the central role of liberation in meditation. Christopher Titmuss is an insight meditation teacher, author, and former Theravada Buddhist monk. He is the co-founder of Gaia House, a large Buddhist retreat center in Devon, England, where he has been teaching since the early 1980s. A renowned proponent of engaged Buddhism, Christopher is the author of numerous books, and twice ran for election as a top Green Party candidate in England.”

The Environment 

6. “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein

7. Bhikku Bodhi at the UN on Climate Change

8. “Meditation For the End of Civilization” by Rich Hanson, PhD

Host Michael W. Taft speaks with bestselling author and meditation teacher Rick Hanson about how to maintain resilience in the face of the coming potential collapse of civilization, the problem with agriculture, meditation methods to build inner strengths, Rick’s upcoming book Neuro-dharma, and more. Rick Hanson, PhD, is a psychologist, Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, and the new book Resilient. Rick began meditating in 1974, has trained in several traditions, and teaches at meditation centers around the world.

9. “Meditation and Therapy by Culadasa

In this special episode, Culadasa talks about the domains of meditation and psychotherapy, where their areas of effectiveness overlap and where they don’t. He also shares a powerful personal story of his own emotional processing work after awakening—why it was needed and how it helped. Culadasa has been practicing Buddhist meditation for over four decades, and is the director of Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha, where he teaches meditation and Buddhism from a modern, progressive scientific perspective. His groundbreaking book, The Mind Illuminated is a modern road map to Buddhist meditation for a Western audience which combines age-old wisdom teachings of the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

10. “A Radically Empirical Approach to the Exploration of Consciousness by Alan Wallace

Patriarchy, Gender, and Sexuality

11. “Feminism, Sexual Misconduct, and the Guru in Buddhism” by Chandra Easton

Chandra Easton and Michael Taft talk about gender and sexual misconduct in Buddhism, why compassion must be a part of spiritual practice, and the place of the guru in modern culture. Chandra shares her personal story of dealing with sexual misconduct at the hands of her teacher, tantric practices as a technology for awakening, internalized patriarchy, and how love and kindness is the whole point of spiritual practice. Also included are guidelines for choosing a teacher, reimagining Tantric practices in non-binary ways, and much more.

Chandra Easton studied Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and Tibetan language at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala, India, and translated Tibetan Buddhist texts on meditation with B. Alan Wallace. Chandra has taught meditation and yoga since 2001. She has studied with many Tibetan and Western Buddhist teachers such as H.H. Dalai Lama, H.H. Karmapa, Lama Tsultrim Allione, B. Alan Wallace,Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, and Jennifer Welwood. She is currently the Assistant Spiritual Director & Head Teacher at the Tara Mandala Retreat Center. To learn more

12. “Opening the Masculine Heart” by Science and Nonduality

Kent Welsh introduces and Jeannie Zandi sets the stage for a groundbreaking and moving discussion between leaders in the world of masculinity and gender relations. Charles Eisenstein and Will Keepin are the other contributors, giving inspiring stories from their research and work on the topic, and coming to a consensus on the current state of the patriarchy: it is time for change! Science and Nonduality is a nonprofit organization, and we would love to have you as part of our community! Your support will be fully devoted to our mission: “To heal the schism between science and spirituality while forging a new understanding of what it means to be human—inspired by the mystics and grounded in modern science—while celebrating the mystery of life and the love that emanates from it!”

13. “Enlightened Sexuality" by Jessica Graham

“In this episode, I talk with Jessica Graham about her book Good Sex, the #MeToo movement, the power of self love and acceptance, a beginner’s guide to spiritual awakening through sexuality, mindful masturbation, aspects of puritanism in Buddhism, the meditative way to work with “love drugs,” and much more.

Jessica Graham is a spiritual teacher, sex and intimacy guide, and author. Jessica began studying meditating in earnest a decade ago and started teaching soon after. Jessica is also passionate about exploring sexuality and helping others heal, evolve, and awaken sexually. She is the author of Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out. Jessica is also an award-winning actor and filmmaker.”

Emotions, Embodiment, and Trauma

13. How Trauma Lodges in the Body” by Bessel Van Der Kolk

14. Spiritual seeking, Addiction and the Search for Truth, Dr. Gabor Maté

“Interview with doctor and speaker Gabor Maté, sharing his perspective on spiritual seeking, addiction and the search for truth. This interview is part of Science and Non-duality Anthology Vol 6 to be released in April 2016. Canadian physician Gabor Maté is a specialist in terminal illnesses, chemical dependents, and HIV positive patients. Dr. Maté is a renowned author of books and columnist known for his knowledge about attention deficit disorder, stress, chronic illness and parental relations.”

15. “Freeing the Prisoner” by Reggie Ray

In this talk, Reggie offers a teaching on how to work with unresolved traumas.

16. “Buddhism, Trauma, and Healing by Reggie Ray

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