Dharma Gates: Making Intensive Meditation Accessible

Making Intensive Meditation Training Accessible

 2019 Summer Convergence (August 22- 26)

Join us August 22nd through 26th, 2019 at the Monastic Academy for a meditation retreat and student organizing convergence in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The experience will include a taste of rigorous retreat practice, an introduction to interpersonal meditation, and opportunities to meet like-minded peers. A movement of young people dismayed by the greed and insanity of the modern world and committed to the cultivation of, ethics, compassion, and mindfulness is emerging. Be a part of this movement!

Intercollegiate Meditation Collaborative’s Inaugural Summer Convergence Schedule:

Day 1: Afternoon arrival, Dinner, Introduction.

Day 2: Silent meditation retreat focusing on classical mindfulness of breathing and mindfulness of the body.

Day 3: Introduction to interpersonal meditation (see description below).

Day 4: Silent meditation, interpersonal meditation, leadership development / community building programs, time to connect with peers.

Day 5: Meditation, Breakfast, Departure.

Meditation instruction will be facilitated by Miles Bukiet. All students, recent grads, and young people interested in diving into the challenge of both personal practice and the creation of meditation community are welcome. The cost for the three days and four nights including food is $150. Generous financial aid is available and accessibility is a priority for us. This price is possible because of significant donations from the IMN and the Monastic Academy.

Interpersonal meditation description:

“The philosopher and theologian Martin Buber said that when any two people look at each other and not-know but desire to know each other, there is an opportunity to “catch the tail of God.” Relational meditation sets the stage for this sort of profound meeting. Turning our curiosity to each other and ourselves in a direct and immediate way can open a window into the unimaginable richness and complexity of human connection and interaction. While this richness is always present we often do not have the time or apparent opportunity to delve into it. Relational meditation creates the space for such an exploration. This exploration often looks like a conversation, but instead of picking a game to play or agenda to follow, we notice the games and agendas that are already present. The levels of intimacy and clarity that can emerge are stunning. The process hones emotional intelligence, ignites new understanding, reveals blind spots, invigorates areas of our lives that may be dusty or overgrown, and promotes compassion and understanding. Relational meditation is for you if you sense that there is more potential in relationship than the world around you seems to acknowledge or imagine.”

Dharma Gates Inc. is a pending 501c3 Non-Profit Organization